As a little kid growing up in Bocca di Magra, Italy in the early '70s I was inspired at a young age by the sound of the firecrackers and the butcher's cleaver, the smell of mushrooms and aged cheese, the taste of freshly picked pine nuts, and the sight of the glowing white cliffs of Carrara:   "Daddy, is that snow?"  - "No, that's marble, Ezra..." 

My favorite early memory was visiting the Murano glass factory on my 4th birthday- I loved the fire and noise and heat and flow.

My work today is inspired by simplicity and modernism and elemental materials including: fire, water, steel, wood, stone, and leather.  I design each piece to change and evolve with age- in the wabi sabi tradition.

All pieces are designed and hand made by me in Brooklyn, New York.  Each piece is custom-ish so let me know what you like and we'll make it happen.



mobile: 917-991-9290